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Roselyn Kelada-Sedra

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Roselyn Kelada-Sedra is a writer & actor based in Toronto & St. Catharines, ON. In her writing and acting, she excels at creating bold women with intense inner worlds. You can get to know her as a writer or as a lawyer. Read on to get to know her as an actor for the screen and stage.

Roselyn made her webseries debut in IRL: The Series, a project to which she also contributed as a story development collaborator. She her American network TV debut in In the Dark.

Roselyn has been acting and writing since completing a 3-year apprenticeship as an actor and theatre-maker with Toronto theatre company, b current. She has written and devised plays produced on Toronto stages, as well as the webseries, Toronto Monologue Slam. Roselyn also created the role of Death in DASH by devising movement and harp music for the piece, based on Emily Dickinson poems.

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
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Acting (pdf)

Acting for Film & TV (pdf)

Writing (pdf)

Writing (pdf)
Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
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Producing (pdf)

Resume for Producing



A documentary film, currently awaiting release. Subscribe to get invited.

Women of Resilience

Women of Resilience Synopsis

This documentary film features older women (60+) who have gone through wars, displacement, abuse and trauma and have healed through relationship. These women show that we can survive the worst traumas and the most broken systems and thrive if we connect in loving relationships. That is what makes these women resilient.

“People look, wittingly or unwittingly, consciously or not, for signs of life, sparks of hope, ... they want someone to help them feel safe and worthy enough to lean on and into the other’s vitality as they endeavor to make it their own.”

  • p. 17 of Restoring Resilience by Eileen Russell (Norton 2015)

A documentary celebrating resilience in older women. 44 minutes. The thesis is that human beings are designed to heal, and trauma interrupts that design. Secure attachment -a relationship within which someone feels loved, seen and valued- can repair the break and restore the healing design of the human brain and body. Through their stories, these strong, vulnerable women show that broken attachment systems can heal. That is the amazing thing about being human.

My own trauma forced me to re-evaluate the concept of resilience. What I saw was my mother, my godmother, women who went through trauma and came through it with love. Their loving hearts are the keys to their resilience. I offer this film to celebrate women who let love shine through their cracks and show that broken people can heal.

Made in Niagara region, Ontario, with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council & Essential Collective Theatre.

An Essential Collective Theatre production, with the City of St. Catharines.

Best Short Doc
Official Selection
Women of Resilience

Content Warning

This film contains descriptions of sexual violence. NOT appropriate for children. This content is disturbing, so please prepare yourself emotionally. Have someone safe to call, should you be triggered. If you need the support of a mental health professional, then call the Mental Health & Addictions Access Line 1-866-550-5205 & press 1, or the sexual assault crisis line 905-682-4584, both available 24/7.

TV development

On the TV development side, Roselyn is creating strong, complex female leads in her series, Fail Better. And she is thankful to the crew and actors who helped her to make a proof of concept for it. Fail Better is a half-hour episodic dramedy following Tegan, an articling student with a crippling fear of failure, that drives her through a cutthroat apprenticeship in a Mississauga law firm. We are actively seeking a development partner.

image: Chair_Logo_Edited.jpg

Photo by Devon Slack

Roselyn and co-writer Catherine Ramos are working on season 1 of this female-created and female-led dramedy that digs into the misogyny and racial prejudice in legal profession in Toronto. Subscribe to get updated on Fail Better.

image: Ceiling_Logo_Edited.jpg

Photo by Devon Slack

_Fail Better_ _Fail Better_ on IG _Fail Better_ on IMDb

Short film

Roselyn co-wrote and co-produced a short film in the 48-hour Toronto Film Festival. She also played the lead in “Amor Fati” in which the question is raised: can we change our fates?



Roselyn’s film & TV demo

Check out Roselyn’s NEW DEMO for film & TV, live on YouTube!
Roselyn plays: 1) a strong, troubled mother; 2) a determined law student; 3) a Hispanic woman, protecting her family, 4) a jealous, commanding wife.


Voice work

Roselyn got to voice three episodes and four characters on the thoughtful children’s series, “Rick & Ricky”. Between playing a struggling mom, a sunny 10-year-old girl, a grieving woman over 80, and kind-hearted 12-year old boy, Roselyn had a blast discovering each character! She recently completed Canada’s National Voice Intensive, for the second time, with internationally renown speech and dialect coach, David Smukler.

Roselyn’s Voice-Over demos

Commercial voice-over

Audiobook narration in non-fiction

Audiobook narration in fiction

Roselyn’s Musical theatre demo


Now & Next

Gallery Installation

Virtual Opening May 29th

A three-screen, audiovisual installation about the disconnect between what we present on screen and what we truly desire (23 minutes in length)

In-person exhibition at the Niagara Artists Centre May 29 to June 12 in St. Catharines, ON

More info about the inaugural SWAG group show

Theatre in Progress

image: Sister_Warriors-stageplay_2.png

We had some illuminating discussion following the livestream workshop presentation with Affair of Honor. Now, we’re looking toward developing with SiP’s IN THE SOIL Multi-Arts Festival summer 2021.

Sister Warriors is an action-for-stageplay exposing bride-napping in the world today. In this quick-paced, action-packed drama, women warriors lead the exploration of sisterhood and faith and trauma that happens every day. Sister Warriors kicks off when young Rhania is bride-napped, and her half-sister rescues her. Everyone confronts who they are in crisis in a world where sex crimes are tradition, and everyone is bound by the system, even those who seem to hold power. Witness the first workshop for this new, highly physical play, all online.

Content Warning

This play contains depictions of violence and sexual assault. NOT appropriate for children. This content is disturbing, so please prepare yourself emotionally before proceeding. If you choose to proceed, please make sure to have someone safe to call, should you be triggered. If you need the support of a mental health professional, then call the Mental Health & Addictions Access Line 1-866-550-5205 & press 1, or call the sexual assault crisis line 905-682-4584, both available 24/7.


Daniel Levinson – Mentor for Fight Instructors/Directors and Business within the arts


Nathania Bernabe & Jackie T. Hanlin – Fight and Movement

More info from co-producer, Suitcase in Point, & more reviews for past shows by Affair of Honor

“Vancouver-based Affair of Honor describes itself as a “fight and movement-based theatre and performance company,” and these actors have serious skills — fencing, sparring and wrestling around the stage convincingly during their numerous conflicts. As smooth as the fight choreography is, the production is equally committed to strong acting, along with a bold message about society’s expectations of women.” – Janet French, Edmonton Journal

Donations for the development of this work can be made directly to the artists via e-transfer to

Always learning

It is important to me to do what I can to stop the oppression of women, dismantle the patriarcy and the destroy the racial hierarchy. I am not without biases. I am working on it. Click to access my read/watch list about feminism and the oppression of women. Click to access my read/watch list about anti-racist activism and racial oppression. I strive to promote and create equity for women and people of colour in the way that I live, the art that I make and the policies I support.

Writing for Theatre

Roselyn is the Playwright in Residence at Suitcase in Point Theatre (St. Catharines, ON), creating new work and mentoring their Nest of emerging artists.

Acting for Film/TV

Next, Roselyn is looking forward to her first feature film role AND two webseries roles. Stay tuned for updates as production rolls forward! For her news & thoughts, join the facebook group: Roselyn, Actor & Storyteller.

Writing for Film & TV

Roselyn is writing and first-time directing a documentary,Women of Resilience. It celebrates women who have gone through fire and share how they have become resilient.

Acting for Theatre

image: Cleo_basking_in_light60.jpg

Photo by Eilish Waller

Roselyn’s theatrical highlights have been playing Katherine of Taming of the Shrew fame in a Shakespeare mash-up with Spur of the Moment Shakespeare, and giving Cleopatra a comedic turn in Macbeth’s Head, a comedy by Kyle McDonald with Malfi Productions. Roselyn’s dream roles include Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra, Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child... obviously.

She Kills Monsters


Random Skills



Jessica Martins

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
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The best way to stay up on art that Roselyn’s making and stories she’s telling is to:

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Roselyn tells the stories of bold women of colour with intense inner worlds. She writes for stage and screen. Using her background in law, she brings a wide breadth of experience to her works, exploring the human struggle for women of colour.


Roselyn’s first film, Women of Resilience won Best Short Documentary at the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival (June 2021).

Additionally, Roselyn is a finalist for the Cayle Chernin Award as playwright of Sister Warriors.

Best Short Doc

Goddess Healing

Roselyn is grateful for the support of Thousand Islands Playhouse and the amazing dramaturge at Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal who is helping her to develop this drama set in Egypt.

Have a look (below) at her trailers, and stay up to date through “Now&Next” & her quarterly emails.

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
photo credit: Gaetz Photography

The women of Roselyn’s work go through crises and become their most resilient selves. Roselyn explores the human condition, particularly for women of colour. What makes a woman strong? brave? compassionate? These explorations drive the stories that Roselyn tells, on stage and screen.

Roselyn began her writing career as a journalist. She wrote columns, feature articles and reviews for newspapers, magazines and web outlets. From there, she did a 3-year apprenticeship as a playwright, theatre-deviser & actor, at b current.

She began writing and adapting plays, and that led to her writing content for the screen. Roselyn starts a project with a driving question about human nature - why do we do what we do? That exploration propels the story. Go to “Now&Next” for details on what Roselyn has in development.

Roselyn is a contributor to many web outlets including the women’s empowerment zine, Bitches be Witches and the Globe & Mail.

Roselyn started writing for TV with webseries, first with an unaired episode of IRL The Series and then with a piece in Toronto Monologue Slam. Visit Roselyn’s writing blog for an archive of her short-form writing, or check out these trailers of past workshops or productions of Roselyn’s plays. For her writer’s resume, visit the Resume’s tab.

Trailer: Six & Eight, a swing dance play, written by & featuring Roselyn Kelada-Sedra

Trailer: Disappearing Soul, an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet created by and featuring Roselyn

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
photo credit: Hi Uan Kang Haaga

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra

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